Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Suurpelto-Kamppi by bus

Today in the morning I decided to try the bus connection to downtown Helsinki. There is a direct bus and our bus stop is located about 200 meters from our house. Perfect. I took the kids and - off we go! They were so excited! Before we hardly used buses having metro or trams going to day cares or downtown. So the whole trip went very smoothly, although it takes half an hour. But actually in the morning rush hours, when all the cars are stuck in a traffic, all the buses go fast on their own lane. The bus wasn't crowded, we were sitting comfortably. Nothing to complain about. So in case of time it is the same. And what fun for the kids ;) And saving money for me, if we are taking a stroller with us. My old and worn out stroller doesn't have working brakes, but in the buses there is a quite clever solution to keep the carriages in place. There are little hooks assembled to poles, so you can hook your stroller.

Today while freezing outside (it's about 8C and icy cold strong wind, more like November weather, not May) I noticed all those ads on bus stops. The ads mostly from H&M and other clothes brands. What do they show? Half naked, nicely tanned girls in bikinis or lovely summer dresses running happily on a beach. Brrr.... Even from looking at them I was getting cold, covering myself with a warm scarf and wearing winter gloves and a hat. The globalization in fashion brands is sometimes almost ridiculous. The spring/summer collection comes to Finnish shops in March, when all the country is either covered in snow or if not snow, then still below zero temperatures. You rather are looking for another pair of winter shoes or a new overall for your growing kid, but instead you can buy brand new ballerinas in all the colors of the rainbow or a cute summer dress. Crazy. But anyway, hot tee will warm me up.  

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