Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Constant crisis?

I am surrounded by people who live in a constant crisis. Relationships crisis. Those bad husbands, partners, those bastards who love you when they are in bed with you but a minute later they do love their wives again. Those marriages "from crisis to crisis". The marriages kept only for the sake of the children and for a so called goodness of the family life. Hm, well, interesting point of view by the way, but for some couples it is a reason - the family is most important - they used to repeat. But what family? With a husband who doesn't talk to his wife? With a wife who has boyfriends? That searching for "Mr. Right" and the searching of course is pointless, cause there is no Mr. Right. Only Mr. Wrongs are in abundance. All in all there is a constant crisis in relationships and there are no good marriages - this is basically a message I get recently. But... me myself don't feel like that. I feel happy with my partner who is my husband and my friend and just a good guy. Not a perfect one but not a bastard. Simply a nice guy. Simply a nice marriage. And we don't live from crisis to crisis. I think we never had a real crisis. Although sometimes I called our worse days "crisis" for a sake of being understood by other women, who seem to like the word. And sometimes I feel silly not experiencing crisis so I started to use the word to be more like the others. Oh, that's stupid! I shouldn't do that, but I feel stupid being the only one who is happy with what she has. And you know, no one likes people who are happy when everyone else lives in a crisis. Oh, how stupidly it sounds!!!! But now I think maybe it is something wrong with me? Am I normal? Maybe I have too low expectations and that's why I see my relation as such a good one? Maybe I am stupid? Blind? Deaf? Is it possible that my marriage is just fine? And that I am just satisfied being with the guy I chose for my husband? And that I don't look for another guy and I even don't have such thoughts? That's food for thought. Have a nice day!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A ray of sun and... optimism

My bad mood is over. I hope so. Has anything changed since my last post? . Well, the days are longer, much longer all of a sudden. When we wake up around 7-7.30 in the morning it is light already. I mean - it is getting light, but it is changing from one day to the other, every day the day light comes earlier. And we have long bright afternoons. Yesterday I played with the kids outside almost up to 6 o'clock and around this time it started to be dark. And it's sunny. This makes a huge difference. I even had to take my sunglasses! Yoo-pee!!!! Spring is coming!!! Not so fast. It's actually mid-winter still with tons of snow, an igloo outside our house built among others by my husband, couple of "mountains" on our yard (around 3 meters high, made out of snow, cause normally there are no hills on the yard). But the birds are singing, they already know spring will finally come. And what's best we planned our spring vacations. We are going to Spain in April. It really makes me happy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still half empty...

I shouldn't complain. I know it. I really know it. Just recently there was in "The Economist" such an optimistic special report about the Nordic countries. They talked about their great economy, standard of living, opportunities, creativeness etc. They focused mostly on Denmark and Sweden, but there were also lots of praise to Finland. And I know it. And you know that I really know it, but... but is the winter going to end some day? Last night it was snowing again. White, white and cold. And it wouldn't be that bad if not for the fact that I have to commute every day to downtown to Wanda's school. The baby doesn't like it either. On a car he loses his patience and cries. And I can not do anything while being in a traffic and having him right behind my seat. He doesn't like the metro either. Yesterday he was crying there too, so I had to take him on my lap (fortunately one guy was so nice and he gave me his seat, so I could sit down). Anyway I was exhausted and so were the kids. Today I started to think about either finding a new apartment closer to downtown or to find another day care... The latter one is much harder, cause we really like that place. But to move isn't easy too. Money as always is the problem. Well, anyway, I will survive. I just have a bad day. It is snowing again. And I'm appreciating another cup of coffee (still half full though :)) while my baby is taking his nap...