Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Discovering Espoo Car Museum

Since we moved to Espoo, we want to explore little by little what this place has to offer and what is here interesting for kids. After a short search in google last weekend we've found there is a Espoon auto museo - Car Museum. It is located in a north part of Espoo, somewhere in a country side. You drive through a narrow country road along fields and meadows, summer cabins and woods and finally you reach an old  grey stone stable and you GPS tells you you've reached the place. Outside two men were repairing an old-fashion motorcycle. Inside at the "ticket point" sit an old fat lady selling tickets, 6 euros per adult and three per child. Our 2,5 years old also had to pay. Oh, and they take only cash. But stepping inside you would be very much surprised by what a collection you're going to see. From their website you can read there is about hundred cars, as many motorbikes and bikes and many other everyday life items. And that is truth. The impression is one of a kind. You walk into that old stable, open the door and you are welcomed by two long and tightly packed rows of very old automobiles. Oldest are about one hundred years old, there are also many from the 20. and 30. XX century, those resembling Great Gatsby car. Then comes many from the 50. and 60. and so on.

this is the second floor, on the first were oldest cars

You could see old fire-trucks, kids toy-cars, the whole collection of cars from my early childhood - funny, some of them like an old Wartburg I remember from the streets in Poland in early 80.

their favorites!

You could also see those micro-cars, tiny and cute and actually very modern in design and would be very practical in today's crowded cities.

This museum is one of a kind, because it feels like it was made by automobile's enthusiasts, hobbyists. It is a huge collection, maybe even crowded - for today's modern museums standards, but it has it's atmosphere. And it is an excellent place for kids, because they can really explore it, search every nook and cranny, come very close to every car - the only thing bad - they are not allowed to touch them, but if they touch... well, nothing happens.

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