Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My kiddos

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by them. Sometimes I loose my temper. Sometimes I do yell at them. But most of the time I spend with them I hug them, I give them kisses, I chat with them, I listen to what they want to tell me, I play with them, I read to them, I cook and bake with them. I love them. Every day I think how amazing they both are and how lucky I am to be their mother. Tomek started to say "auto". He is a big enthusiast of mobiles, vehicles, bulldozers. Basically all the tough guy stuff. He is screaming that "wow!!!" whenever he sees one of those trucks. In a sandbox he always plays with the trucks and bulldozers. At home crawls pushing a car. I'm always laughing to myself, because I am really not a kind of mother who gives a car to a boy and a doll to a girl. But this is something like his basic instinct or I don't know. But he loves to play with a baby doll too, he likes to feed the doll with a bottle and press her belly to make her cry, he loves to hug his teddybear. And he is totally into dogs. Now more and more he is also into his sister. Whatever she does, he wants to do the same. He repeats her with everything, what she eats, what kind of noises she makes or what she wants to play with. And they do play together time to time. Of course there is lots of fight and screaming and an adult has to be always around. And Wanda? Well, as I said before she writes a book. She is so creative. Recently she made a little boat from a piece of bark she found outside on the yard. She made a musical instrument. She loves to color and draw and cut. She mastered riding a bike. She's my girl. He's my boy. Happy and good feeling.

A day in wooden Käpyla

That is a perfect half a day trip or Sunday walk with the kids. As you could know from one of my previous posts I am a great fan of those old Finnish wooden houses, the remnants of the past. And it is quite astounding how many of those buildings are still enjoying their being in Helsinki. I've read about the time in Finland, around the 60. and 70. when in many towns those wooden buildings or all parts of towns were destroyed and replaced by new but quite ugly and definitely not romantic concrete blocks. But apparently Helsinki managed to save quite a bit of those neighborhoods. So there is Vallila, Kumpula and Käpyla and around downtown you can spot some of those houses too. But Käpyla is so different and so amazing for me. Walking around I couldn't stop feeling being in a different town, some small town somewhere in the middle of Finland and not in Helsinki. It has it's long and broad Main Street with a tram lane in the middle which ends up with a big square. There is a park, a playground and a school building around that square. And other streets are surrounding that place. There is this quietness specific for small towns. And of course being surrounded by all those wooden houses, some of them single family houses and others more like detached houses, made me feel like I would travel in space and time. This time I did some pictures and I promise to upload them, but I need some time to browse though all of them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My daughter's a writer

Our beloved four-and-a-half-year-old decided she would like to write a book, a story. So I bought her a big notebook and so she has begun. The idea came actually from her teacher. Recently Wanda had some pretty bad days either at school or at home and after thinking that whole situation over her teacher suggested it would be nice to write about good and happy and funny days to remember what fun it is to have good mood and be a happy Wanda and not to make a drama out of everything. Yes, sort of self-therapy. When I told my daughter about the idea of writing she was immediately in. And so the project started. I decided I would not tell her how and about what to write, she should be the master of her own book. I was supposed to be only the tool - she doesn't know how to write words of course. Now I see this will be a collection of short stories. Today we were working on a second one. She is telling me what to write and I am writing it down. Sometimes I ask a question if I don't get her point, but usually she knows exactly what she wants to say. Her characters so far are two girls having one name (in her first story their name was Rapunzel and in a second Wanda) and one of them is a good one and the other bad. Black and white. Two opposites. Good and bad. When I asked her what does it mean, she said it is like when she gets mad on something or someone, then there comes or wakes up this bad girl and when she is in a good mood there in her head is that good one. As simple as that. But I like how she deals with those two phenomenon in her mind. Those girls are really like one. She drawed pictures and both good and bad Rapunzel and good and bad Wanda look like twin sisters. They are playing together. And you know what, the bad one always turns out to be a nice and funny too. She wants to be good, she wants to play and have fun. And again when I asked my daughter if that bad girl makes something really bad or naughty, she said no, she was behaving bad but now she is happy again. Looking at her characters through the good and bad moments we experience almost every day I see so clearly how she fights with herself. How much she wants to be this happy and smiley Wanda and not this mad 'go away' moody one. I already love this project and will support her in continuing the work.