Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dark sides of life in Finland

Do you remember the Helsinki part of "Night on Earth" movie (watch from minute 3:56)? If you thought the saddest possible story, which told so openly the taxi driver to the drunk guys (and one of them had a sad story too), was probably made up for the movie to make dark winter aura even more depressive, you should watch a new documentary "Steam of Life". This film tells about Finnish sauna and how important place it is in Finns life and especially for men. Usually they are not prone to tell about their private life and about themselves in general, but in sauna - sitting one next to the other, naked and sweated they open their mouths and their hearts to - very often guys they don't know. So, here it is. A guy, who lost one of his beloved twin daughters, when the girl was only two and a half and how bad it was and how he suffer whenever he sees twins. And when he got that phone call from the hospital and thought: which one of the girls is dead? Another guy who spent some time in Swedish jail and was homeless and had nothing. And now he lives in a country side and has a family and sons. OK, that story had at least a happy end. But another guy, old, thin, with only one eye, hardworking in the forest somewhere in nowhere (oh, how beautiful that "nowhere" is in Finland!) told his story about his daughter. From the time of his divorce he didn't see her and it is already many many years, and how he misses her and loves her and how much he would like to tell her. And to the end there is a city sauna somewhere in Helsinki and there meet two homeless guys and talk how bad it is to be so lonely. All of the characters were very open to each other, they cried and showed their emotions. So, you watch this documentary and you thing - Are they really so depressed? Don't they have any optimistic topics? Do they like to show only the dark sides of life? I mean - tragedies happen everywhere on Earth, but here it seems that people don't tell about how beautiful life can be. I was deeply depressed after watching that. Honestly! Watch this documentary or any of Ari Kaurismaki movie and you will know what I am talking about. Anyway, before you visit this country you should watch at least one of Finnsih films. Enjoy!


  1. so it seems to be a perfect place for me...

  2. Hi, I don't know who you are, but living here is not depressive at all (so far at least :))