Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back in town!

OK, vacation is over and it doesn't make me feel sad or melancholic. To the contrary - as always I'm so happy to be back home, in our own place, on my own sofa, in my own kitchen. What did I do during the summer? First we went to my family town - Gdansk for two weeks. And it could have been great if not for the November kind of weather. For most of the days it was too cold, too windy and too rainy to even go out for a walk not to mention a beach. But at least my daughter has spent some creative time with her two older cousins. After that I had couple of days to rest in Helsinki and to welcome our friends from Copenhagen and after that we've made a heroic trip by car (on a ferry) to visit my in-laws in southern Poland. Another two weeks. And yes, it was again important for Wanda, but I'd prefer a week in an exotic place in a hotel or wherever to have a real vacation. I don't know, maybe it is something wrong with me, but staying by family members makes me tired and irritated. And I feel relief whenever I'm back home - my home. Is this already a "becoming a Finn" syndrome? Just kidding! But Wanda feels similar. She was happy visiting her grandparents, but she was constantly asking to go back to Helsinki to her room, to her home. Maybe it is a good sign. It means we feel good with each other, as our small family, we don't need to fly away somewhere to escape from our routine. No. The routine is good, the life is good and happy and while away from it we simply miss it. And so those are the last days of summer vacation. Monday morning Wanda starts her new school year in a day care. Big Day is coming. And even a Bigger day will come in two months. My belly is growing fast... I'll keep posted.