Friday, June 15, 2012

Maternity package from KELA

Today I had my appointment with a nurse, who besides checking if everything goes fine with me and a baby also gave me a signed paper which will allow me to sign for a maternity allowance. It was for me not that obvious, that I can apply for it, cause I've never worked in Finland. But here it is not related with employment. I think if you do work you can get more money, I will get a minimum sum, but still. And it comes together with a maternity package. So you can choose either a package or money, but when I looked what they offer in that package I didn't have any doubts, what is a better option. Look here. And because this year Helsinki is a World Design Capital, the box itself will come with a picture, which won the design competition, look here. The maternity package is something really cool and unique in the world and it has a long history in Finland. It started in 1930 and was intended for the lower income parents, but after the second world war, when, well, first of all it was shortage of everything and second so many men died and there were plenty of single moms, it was extended to all mothers.


  1. such a cool package. all the people i know in the states wont believe it.

  2. Wow! That is quite a package! In Denmark you can also get some kind of package, but nothig like this, and only with your first child. For me it looks like too much stuff, considering that I have all those things after Anakin, they are waiting in the storage for baby nr 2, if it ever comes...

  3. Haha, I know, no one in the States would believe, but in Poland either :)

    Marta, and me in contrary. Wanda was born mid July in NJ and so for the first two or so months she was only using short sleeve bodysuits and I didn't have much more for that time. So, nothing left. And here I will need fall and winter outfit and it comes with the package. Cool! Oh, and we have a good stroller already! Classic Emmaljunga one!