Thursday, November 7, 2013

November - grayvember

And so again - for the third time in row the time "waiting for the first snow" has already begun. It is gray, it is very wet and rainy and cloudy this year. And after we set the clocks back to winter time days seem to be even shorter. Now when we wake up is dark and the sun set is just after 4pm. And so whenever the rain stops and whenever I can see (or imagine) some sun I rush outside with my son to catch some D vitamin and some fresh air. And sometimes I go out in the rain, who cares! I really used to this climate. Last weekend I went to Copenhagen to visit my friend. It was a perfect weekend. And for the first time without the kids and without the husband. It's a great city, one I could move to. Lively, cozy, bikes, bikes and bikes everywhere, nice architecture, bars and restaurants, a bit milder climate comparing to Helsinki. And so close to other European countries, so much easier to get somewhere. But they don't have our white and snowy winter. They have this grayness all the winter. Anyway, candle-light season is open now.