Friday, March 22, 2013

The coldest March in 50 years

And it is not at all funny. Not, if you wake up in the morning on March 22nd and you check the temperature on your thermometer outside the window and you read -15C. Then you wear as warm as you can, take your kids to the metro station and you walk in this icy weather with an icy wind blowing in your face (the feeling is your face is going to fall apart) and you don't admire that snow anymore (you admired it for four months already, come on!)and you wonder if there are any possibilities that it would melt one day before the next winter comes... OMG, I guess I've never talked so much about weather as in this country. It is boring talking once again about how cold we have and how much snow there is around. It is maybe a sign of being desperate, a sign of longing so much for spring, a sign of panicking - what if it never comes!!!! Sun is already very strong. On our balcony we have a greenhouse. Today it was so warm that I sat there with both the kids, Wanda had her lunch there and she was only wearing her t-shirt. Quite a weird feeling. You sit there and it is really that warm and sunny, but you see the outside - full of snow and icy wind. Actually I have to take a picture. I should use my camera more often. Anyway, I am fed up of this winter. In one week we will have Easter. And once again, like last year - White Easter. Is it time to adjust or run away?