Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Only few days left. Only few more times I will travel by metro to Myllypuro. Only few nights in this apartment. We are packing. We are moving. Not far though. Only to Espoo. But still feels like a big thing. It's been a long time in here and so I got used to this place. It has some pros and some cons and because of those cons we are moving. But I don't know Espoo at all. To me it was always just a huge suburban neighborhood. Houses  surrounded by forests and highways. Our new place is exactly such. Brand new so we can expect being also surrounded by construction site. But the apartment is nice and comfortable and right behind the house is located big Angry Birds playground.
When you move apartments you have to do certain paper works, like inform about changing the address. Here it is just a piece of cake. You can do it online, service is in English of course, you login via your bank account and you change your data. The new address goes to the post office and to the registration office and for one month without any additional costs all your mail will be forwarded to a new address and all the recipients will get the information about your new place. While registering you can add all the family members. Fast and easy. Actually this online system works for many official matters. You can submit your online application while applying for a place in a municipal day care, or while registering and paying for Finnish courses provided by one of the public adult education institutions or even to make a dental appointment although this last one I haven't check yet.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring vacation - that was needed!

I just noticed it's almost end of April. Yesterday in a supermarket I saw Vappu goodies on shelves, that is those special buns and bubble low-alcoholic drinks - sima. I looked at them and saw the word Vappu. My first thought was - isn't it too early to sell them already? And second was - oho, it's going to be next weekend. Yes, so April. That was Easter. Very nice this year with friends and a visit to a farm. There are two city farms in Helsinki area, both open to the public and maintained by the city. It's a very cool idea because kids love it and for city kids it's often the only possibility to see how a real cow or sheep or pig looks like. So we went there and we weren't the only family who had this idea. It was crowded although weather was pretty awful - cold and windy and cloudy. Most of animals were still kept inside, but there were many offspring, ducklings, piglets, lambs, so cute. 

The week after we made a short spring vacation and this was an even better idea, since we spent few days in Paris with summer in full. After those few years in Finland I know that April is the best month for traveling across Europe. While here is still cold, can be even snow (like two years ago), there is no leaves or even nor even tulips are blooming and you have to wait for the vegetation until mid May, in almost all other parts of the continent (at least the southern part) spring is in its full. Yes, Paris, it is beautiful and amazing, but so huge and so noisy! Or maybe I am now used to a different scale of a city. But about this calm and quiet atmosphere I have written already only couple of days after our first arrival. I was amazed by this quietness. Now I am so used to it and actually I appreciate it a lot. In Paris we tried to take it easy, no museums and no main tourist attractions, more like just walking and enjoying ourselves and discovering new places, wandering along Seine, sipping coffee, talking, but still every night I was super tired. After four days of this relaxing trip I felt my muscles. While traveling by metro in Paris and climbing all those old stairs I looked for elevators and couldn't find any. As a mother my first thought was: how can you take a stroller? Well, I didn't see many of them there and if yes, people had to carry them all the way up or down. My husband is always laughing when I compare the living standard in other countries to that in Finland. Yes, another one with the Paris metro. Although on the other hand whenever there was a pregnant woman getting in people immediately made a place for her to sit. It's not obvious in Helsinki though. 
Anyway, this is me in French capital: