Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snowing, snowing, snowing...

Is there any other place in Europe where snow has come? We enjoy new snow fall almost every day. On the roadsides there are already huge piles of snow. Many roads are white and so are sidewalks. It is really hard to push the stroller (but I have to take it when I commute to the day care - it's more convenient and it's free). Otherwise we ride the sledge. It's my first real winter since 2005 I guess - that is from the time we moved to the States. And I don't complain. It's cold, below zero, but not below -10C, so you can survive outside for a little while. And for the first time since we moved to Myllypuro I like this neighborhood. You don't have traffic here only broad promenades - now all white. And you have those pine trees - all cover with thick snowy blankets. And walking those promenades you can easily reach the woods. On the weekend we went there and Wanda was looking for a fox and there was a little brook murmuring softly. Well, again idillic? No. But pretty nice though :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dark sides of life in Finland

Do you remember the Helsinki part of "Night on Earth" movie (watch from minute 3:56)? If you thought the saddest possible story, which told so openly the taxi driver to the drunk guys (and one of them had a sad story too), was probably made up for the movie to make dark winter aura even more depressive, you should watch a new documentary "Steam of Life". This film tells about Finnish sauna and how important place it is in Finns life and especially for men. Usually they are not prone to tell about their private life and about themselves in general, but in sauna - sitting one next to the other, naked and sweated they open their mouths and their hearts to - very often guys they don't know. So, here it is. A guy, who lost one of his beloved twin daughters, when the girl was only two and a half and how bad it was and how he suffer whenever he sees twins. And when he got that phone call from the hospital and thought: which one of the girls is dead? Another guy who spent some time in Swedish jail and was homeless and had nothing. And now he lives in a country side and has a family and sons. OK, that story had at least a happy end. But another guy, old, thin, with only one eye, hardworking in the forest somewhere in nowhere (oh, how beautiful that "nowhere" is in Finland!) told his story about his daughter. From the time of his divorce he didn't see her and it is already many many years, and how he misses her and loves her and how much he would like to tell her. And to the end there is a city sauna somewhere in Helsinki and there meet two homeless guys and talk how bad it is to be so lonely. All of the characters were very open to each other, they cried and showed their emotions. So, you watch this documentary and you thing - Are they really so depressed? Don't they have any optimistic topics? Do they like to show only the dark sides of life? I mean - tragedies happen everywhere on Earth, but here it seems that people don't tell about how beautiful life can be. I was deeply depressed after watching that. Honestly! Watch this documentary or any of Ari Kaurismaki movie and you will know what I am talking about. Anyway, before you visit this country you should watch at least one of Finnsih films. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The thaw came last night and already in the morning there was nothing left from this fairy-tale-landscape. The rain made its dibble dibble sound leaving plenty of tiny drops on all our windows. It was grey and dark good after 9 in the morning. But I decided we have to do something to make this day rolling. So we got dressed and weaponed with an umbrella, rain cover for the stroller and rain boots and ... off we go to the Myllynsiipi play park. This is this place for kids to play outside and inside with plenty of great toys. Wanda loves going there. We spent some time playing inside with her favorite cars and trucks and after a while we left. Outside there was pretty strong rain mixed with some snow, the snow on the ground was now more like a shallow pond and it was simply awfully. But unfortunately my lovely daughter noticed a sledge "mommy, I want a ride on this one!" - she shouted. OK, fine, a short ride and we go home - I said. Well, not that easy, not with a two years old, who happened to adore this aura. She saw another sledge and one more and of course she had to seat and be pulled on all of them. I was soggy and so she was. But somehow she was happy and full of energy. It didn't help me when there came another kids her age - full of joy with big shovels and started to play with that melting snow. "I want this shovel!" - shouted Wanda. And she run to the others to play. For the kids but also for their moms the weather conditions seemed not to make a big difference. I was the only one hiding under a small roof and waiting for the beautiful moment I will be home drinking my coffee.
Finally she came to me, happy and ready to go. Well, I think I have to adjust. The winter just started and always after white, sunny, snowy and frosty days there has to come a thaw.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home, sweet home

It's good to be home again. For Christmas and the New Year we went to Poland to visit our family. It was a good idea especially for Wanda - she enjoyed every minute she spent with her cousins. But it is now this nice and warm feeling of being back home again. Funny, but just after four months in Helsinki I (but same for Adam) feel this is my home, my place. And for obvious reasons Poland is less and less such a place for me.
Helsinki welcomed us with a real northern snowstorm! Finally winter! While going home from the airport by taxi I felt like in "Night on Earth" movie. White highway, nostalgic music on a radio and a quiet taxidriver. Welcome to Finland :)
And a Happy New Year!