Friday, September 28, 2012

This is THE DAY

It already started this very early morning. I'm still at home, but we are suppose to go to the hospital by 5pm or earlier, if I will have strong contractions. Well, the new chapter in my life is just beginning. I'm excited, happy and relaxed. Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking a deep breath

I'm preparing myself for the Big Day. It's 39 weeks now. I just finished my birth prep classes which was a HypnoBirthing Method. Have you ever heard of that? It is based on notion that giving birth should be easy, gentle and relaxed. It is focusing on breathing - long, deep and relaxing which help you to relax your mind and body. In this approach they don't say about harshness of giving birth, they don't use the word "pain". It is about having good affirmations about that amazing event. And I like it. I had three meetings with a lovely woman Awital Zingg-Bollag, who teaches those courses in Helsinki. So for some weeks now I'm doing almost every day a relaxation session with a CD. I've never done it before and was rather reluctant doing this, but it is really a great thing to try. At the beginning it's not so easy to turn all your awareness towards your breathing and turn off all your thoughts and just relax. But if you manage it, it makes you feel so well. Sometimes I simply fall asleep before the session ends and it is a good sign - it means I made myself so relax that my mind just drifted away to a stage of sleep. Those relaxations I'm suppose to make during my labor. We'll see how it will work :) Another thing I'm doing are prenatal yoga classes. Sometimes they are very nice with exercises suitable for me, but yesterday they were a bit boring. Also I saw the hospital and had a tour around the maternity ward. And I like it here. I like the whole attitude towards birth. They focus on all the natural methods, they want to give you the opportunity to feel comfortable and like at home, with your music, dim light and freedom to chose whatever position you'd wish to have for giving birth. They give you the newborn baby to your breast and let him stay there for at least an hour or more, they encourage you to co-sleep with the baby and to body to body contact for as much of the time as possible. And this is so different from what I remember from the States. In the hospital I gave birth to Wanda all they talked was how many TV channels are in the room, that the babies can stay in a nursery so the new mother can rest and enjoy being pampered with delicious menu and comfy single room. OK, the rooms were indeed very comfortable but now comparing those two different approaches I really prefer the Finnish way. I'm already excited. I guess I have more energy. Like yesterday afternoon while I was swinging Wanda and it was cold, so I started to jump to make myself warmer. And after a moment I realized I shouldn't do that, I'm pregnant with a huge belly. Are there the first signs of coming labor? Hopefully yes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Few days to go

Now as much as I can I make those long walks (in hope to make my little son to take a move out of my tummy). I'm tired already of this pregnancy. I cannot sleep. Cannot find a comfy position during the night. Have a heartburn. Feel heavy and clumsy. My belly is huge. And there is still ten days to go. Not that much? Well, yes and no. And it can be much more, who knows. Recently I had a bunch of mixed feelings about being a mother again, having two kids, organizing the life in a new way but keeping the old way as it was. Is this possible at all? Wanda is all the time so positive and excited about her baby brother. This actually helps me a lot. Thanks to her I've developed those warm feelings towards the moving creature inside my womb. Sometimes she plays a baby herself, but mostly she is proud of having a baby brother and taking care of the little one. This is what she says herself. I try never to tell her that soon she will be a big sister and will have to help me. As often as I can I tell her, she will be always my little one, a bit bigger and older than the baby, but for mommy always a little and beloved girl.

Fall in coming... again...

Again, yes, this is the feeling I have. Maybe because we moved here last fall so I have those vivid memories still in my mind. But the true is time flies faster and faster with each year (or I'm getting old...)! Anyway, for some days now I can smell this particular scent of the early fall. What is it precisely? The moist soil, the first falling leaves, the cooler air? I don't know, but it makes me feel a bit melancholic. Yesterday was a gorgeous day so warm and sunny and after Wanda's school we went to a park. And there was that smell of coming fall mixed together with a smell of the sea. And the beautiful warm colored leaves in all the shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. It's still mostly green though, but you can already pick up some colorful leaves. Today on the other hand was raining for a good part of a day, but still we went out (Wanda in her rubber outfit) and enjoyed the freshness of the rainy air.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ignorance, equality or rudeness?

Yes, those are the questions I ask myself whenever I get on a tram, subway or a bus. Me - 37 weeks pregnant and usually in a company of my three years daughter. In Poland in most cases people occupying seats would immediately stand up and ask me to sit with my child or if I'm by myself they would in most cases offer me a seat. In Finland, such a friendly and kids oriented country, no one ever even think about such a possibility. Like today. It was afternoon and we were going back from a daycare. We got on the tram which was quite crowded as for Helsinki standards. We stand just next to a sitting guy - middle aged, very nicely dressed, who only looked at us briefly and was sitting without any thoughts, that maybe it is not fair, that a little girl has to stand on a moving vehicle with her very much pregnant mother. In Poland such behavior is considered simply rude. This is our culture and this is how I feel. How is it in Finland? I don't know. But maybe here women made such a feminist revolution, that it would be considered rude to let a pregnant woman rest and let her sit down with her baby or small child? Does that mean Finnish way of equality? I'd be happy to hear how such situations are seen in your countries. Give me some feedback! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


It's a year already! One whole year in Helsinki. Time flies I'd say. It wasn't long or I'm getting older and time seems to go faster and faster. But anyway I guess it was a very good year. And quite an easy one. It was definitely easier then our first year in the States (now that seems to me like being zillions of years ago). Any special thoughts? Not really. It's just life, simple life, a good and comfy life so far. With couple of friends, with a nice daycare for Wanda, with almost done pregnancy (!!!), a nice apartment and a nice, calm and steady marriage. It's our life in this country without knowing the language and to be honest not doing anything to learn at least something. It's our daughter who becomes with each day better and better with her English fluency. And I'm so proud of her. It's my life with a very warm attitude towards the city and country as a whole. Even to the weather! :) And I'm going to enjoy it for the next year and as long as we will be Finnish residents. Cheers!