Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was in India for a trip

It's really a shame I'm not posting for such a long time. But right after Easter we went for a trip to India - friends wedding and came back just couple days ago. Well, when we were leaving at the front of our house there was still lots of snow and was close to 0 C. But after just nine days it was beautiful spring air and sun what has welcomed us at the Helsinki airport. Nice surprise. I'm so delightful of this spring. I guess much more than ever before, maybe because I was waiting so long for it to come. Now, just couple words about India. It's a total opposite to Finland in whatever aspect of life you think and want to compare. Everything. First - weather. It was barely 38-40 C, at least in Delhi was not humid, that is it was bearable for us. Second - number of people. Can you imagine in Delhi live 17 million people? And you can see it. Everywhere is crowded. On a subway, on streets, bazaars. People, people, people. Noise - it is noisy, horribly noisy form the never ending crowd, from the never ending traffic, loud talking, music. Colors - Finland is sort of grey (or white in winter), India is full of colors, sometimes it's overwhelming, but usually it's just beautiful. Clothes - those sarees look so nice and elegant, even simple ones, everyday ones, but women wearing them look very feminine. I have to admit we don't look that pretty in our jeans and T-shirts. Whenever I saw there Indian and Western tourists I could compare how the women looked like. The Westerners wearing shapeless T-shirts and knee long pants, plus sneakers, usually a bit overweight didn't look like ladies. To the contrary Indian women woven in those colorful sarees were always elegant. But it is only our fault, how we dress, cause we also could look feminine. We do have nice summer dresses, don't we? Chaos - it's hard to imagine more chaotic traffic than that in Delhi. Cars, motorikshas, bikes, pedestrians - everyone everywhere without any order, no rules other than "blow your horn" and the bigger you are, the better. On a first day I thought I won't get to the hotel alive, but later I simply relaxed and didn't care. I trusted the drivers and their intuition. There isn't many accidents though. I saw just one and not a serious one on a road to Agra. But wit such an intensive traffic you would expect much more. Contrasts - the poor and the rich. Coming from an egalitarian country, social and rich it's hard to stay calm and watch how the rich and the poor live somehow together, or better to say next to the other. Our friends were from the richest side and they actually know pretty few about a life of the poor. But go to Old Delhi and you see the crowd on those narrow streets, filthy old, old, old and devastated buildings, that noise and that dust. Those people trying to meet ends doing those jobs like driving a riksha or selling melons or just old coins, those barefoot kids - oh, that was for me the hardest experience. I cannot look at those kids cause I cannot stop my heart from being broken. But what can I do? I won't save them. But I had some moments of deep sorrow and tears running from my eyes. I couldn't stop thinking how lucky we are and our little daughter, who has everything. India is an open-minding experience. It surely is. And I think we all living in one of the richest country of the world and also mostly coming from rich and well developed countries should appreciate what we have.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My first white... Easter is on its way

No, I didn't take it from any dusted archive of old Christmas photos. I took it some 10 minutes ago only to share with you the current view from my livingroom's window. Yes, we've got brand new snow Monday morning and yes it is not something newspapers write about on their front pages. This is, eghm... normal. I wonder though if that Christmas tree will stay here till 2012 Santa season. Anyway, meanwhile I've got a cold and I feel really bad sneezing and coughing. Wanda same. My husband came back earlier today so I could take an afternoon nap. No energy, nothing. We really need some warm weather! And before we got sick we were killing time making art! Yes, art ;) Hand and feet painting and hand- and foot-prints and actually the whole body painting as you can clearly see below:
it's a messy fun :)