Tuesday, August 12, 2014

After holidays

My little boy just started his day care. During the first week I was with him all the time and it was OK. He was happy and calm and curious about things. He seemed to like the new place and the teachers. Yesterday he stayed there by himself for the first time. Crying of course while I was leaving but later he was fine. This morning it was similar, but I am sure he likes to be there. I like this place. It is small and cosy. And we both know it quite well already. And so I left my two kids in their day cares and when I went out and stand on a street I felt weird, strange. My first thought was what to do? Where to go? With two free hands, without a stroller, no need to go to any playground. Yes. I went to a cafe. I am calm and I feel well about Tomek. I'm so much more confident he is doing there all right than I was those three years ago when our daughter started her day care. I felt almost guilty. I felt terrible, devastated. I think I was too much emotionally attached to her and she the same. We were almost like one body and soul. With our son is different. He was always more independent, he was fine when I was going out without him and so I hope he will adjust faster. And me? Me too. And I will be busy soon. Next week I'm going to sign up for a Finnish course and start yoga classes. And after we all settle down with this new schedule maybe I will start working again. Maybe writing again. Even if not for big money it would be still for some satisfaction.