Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Becoming an Espoonian

Yes. Now it is official. We've become Espoonians. For more than a week we are living in our new apartment. And in many ways it is actually better than I thought. The apartment itself is nicer. It is actually quite spacious, now I think better planned than the previous one. The best thing is the big kids room, fitting both beds and all the toys. I like the east side kitchen window - good to have the morning sun while you get up to make your coffee. I like also the north-west living-room and bed-rooms windows - although before we moved here I thought about it as a disadvantage. But now it's actually quite nice to look at the sun set. As for now we also have a nice view, because all the quarters around our building are still empty. There are some meadows and some ground water with ducks and birds happily living there. In a few years we will be surrounded by other apartment blocks, but hopefully not so soon. On Saturday we made a bike trip around the area and it looks very much like a country side. Fields, small paths, meadows, forest. And of course the top thing is that Angry Birds playpark right behind our building. My kids are becoming little monkeys while going there, running and jumping and sliding all the equipments. What is I don't like? Using the car too much. It is now every day commuting and it means being in a traffic jam. Of course it's not an enormous traffic jam. It means usually driving for about 30 minutes instead of 17, but still. I have to try the bus connection and use it time to time, especially on those days I am with my son (who is still using a stroller, so I have a free ride with him). So it looks like we've made everything for our kids. Our daughter's school is no more than 500 meters from our house and we can see it from the living-room windows. The already mentioned Angry Birds park. For our son of course all the construction sites around. The first thing he does after he wakes up is checking what is going on there. "The crane is moving!" - he exclaims. "A new truck is going there! Mommy look!" - with so much of excitement. The nature and fresh air. But, when the kids are happy, so are the parents, right? I hope so :-).