Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer in the city

Yes, it came! Summer! It's so beautiful - warm and sunny and I enjoy those warm days more than ever since this year even summer in Poland was awful. And what do we do with this great weather? We went to an outdoor swimming pool. It's a cool place for a nice family day or just mom plus kid day. The pool in a part of the Olympic Stadium that is it was build for the Olympics held in Helsinki in 1952. And it means the whole area is in this old-school style. There is a big tower with a trampoline and a clock - a view resembling pictures from American movies from the 50s. And the surroundings - an old park, so lots of trees and those huge rocks "growing" from the ground. First time I took there Wanda about two weeks ago and today we went there again. She was quite tired after her daycare, but when you have 24C and no single cloud on the sky you don't want to head home in the afternoon. So we went refresh in a warm water. Yes, the water there is nice and warm - it's heated. And Wanda can already swim by herself (I mean of course wearing the water wings). Anyway, if you ever have a chance visit the place.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My broken heart...

After the first two perfect days in a day care there came a drawback. When I came Wednesday afternoon she bursted out crying and yes, her teacher said, she was missing me. Thursday she was still very happy in the morning and on our way, but started to cry when we got there. I left her crying with my heart totally broken and cried myself after I left the place. That was such a stressful day! I came earlier, she was sad for the first couple of minutes. It must be stress for her too. She woke up late in the evening crying and came to my bed. In the morning she said she doesn't like the daycare anymore and wants to stay with me and go for a walk with me. I was fighting myself to keep cheerful mood and encourage her to dress and get ready. But when we came there it was same as yesterday. Tough time for her and for me too. And those questions in my mind, do I make the right thing? I'll pick her up earlier today and I thing I will do this for the next week so she can easier adjust to the new schedule. It's just a long day for her and all of a sudden a huge change in her life. I love her so much.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My big girl in a day care

The new school year has already started. Today it was Wanda's first day after the summer vacation in her day care. I was almost sure she will get along fine since she knows the place and the teachers and some of the kids. But as every mother I was little concerned if everything would really go well. And it went perfectly well. Already yesterday during breakfast she said she wants to the day care. Today she woke up in a great mood and was excited while I was preparing a lunch box for her. She was so calm and relaxed all the way and she went to the place like there won't be any summer break. The teachers Xenia and Milla welcomed her with a huge smile and hugs and warm words. This is another nice thing - they are the same teachers she had last year, so basicaly nothing changed. And after just couple of minutes I left Wanda who was already busy with some toys. She gave me a kiss and I left. I was surprised it went so smoothly. I felt weird sort of that she let me go just like that. I was a little bit sad to be honest, that I'm leaving her for a whole day. I know me crazy mom! And when I came to pick her up all the group was playing in a park. Wanda welcomed me with a big and happy smile and her loving eyes. And she said she liked the day. Her teacher told me she was so proud of Wanda and I was so so proud of my beloved little daughter. Now I will have so much time only for myself! For the first time in the last three years! And for the last time in the coming at least two or again three years... I wonder when I start to miss Wanda and to want her at home :)