Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hyvää kesää!

This is how people greet you these days in Helsinki. It means " good summer". And it is really nice. I don't know if there is any other country where people greet each other with words strictly associated with a year's season. I think it has a special meaning here in Finland, country where summer comes so late and is taken over by winter soon. You have to enjoy it as much as you can, enjoy it now, every sunny day. This year unfortunately summer doesn't pamper us at all. It is cold, windy and cloudy. So whenever the sun shines a bit and temperatures rise up to twenty we rush outside and enjoy the weather. Last weekend we made a long bike trip around some near by neighborhoods. From Myllypuro towards Hertoniemi through beautiful forested area - Arboretum. If you don't know the place, check on map and go. It belongs to the university, it is a forest with many plant species, very dense and beautiful. It is surrounded by fields and meadows and you can see cows here and there. Country side within a city. So after that experience and a picnic with a sea view we headed towards Hertoniememranta, along the shore. Had a stop at the small beach and play park and later we went through a big park, by a cycling path going along the shore. Funny, but I have never been there before. That path goes all the way to Marjaniemi to the East, but we crossed and headed up via Itakeskus towards home. And now the Juhanus is approaching - the shortest night events. People use to spend this day and night outdoors with sparkling wine and BBQ and huge bonfires, but this year is so cold I don't think we would like to join the crowd. But anyway, hyvä kesä! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finnish day care

I probably didn't mention before that we've got a place in a day care for our little boy. This time was so different from the time I looked up places for our girl right after we moved to Helsinki. Because our daughter's day care doesn't take kids less than three and potty trained I had to find another place for our soon-to-be-two boy. And we decided it would be OK to place him in a regular Finnish day care. I applied on-line through e-services, I have chosen few places around Wanda's day care, I payed a visit to one which was my favorite and number one on the list and I waited. The whole application process takes at least four months. I applied early and got the response in May. We were lucky enough to get our most wished place. The day care is a so called family day care, which means very small place for only up to twelve kids and three teachers/nurses. I've already been there with Tomek to say hi and better know the place. And I like it even more. The teachers are such lovely women. You can see that they take care of the kids with love and joy. After summer there will be only children ages one to three and I think it is quite good. I've already made arrangements for the August and during the first week I am allowed to stay with my child. What's more during the coming week I can join the group when they are playing outdoors. At first Tomek was quite shy and reluctant to go there, but after a while he started to play and after I finished talking with the head teacher and wanted to leave, he insisted to stay longer because he was already busy playing with cars and trucks. I hope he will like the place, will pick up the language quite fast and we'll all gain from the new situation.