Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa visited us again :)

Unfortunately the weather was awful that Sunday afternoon - grey and rainy... but still we tried to appreciated that special event :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This means November. Dark when you wake up, grey when you go out at noon, dark again soon after a midday walk, long looong evenings starting around 4pm. So, the season of candle light breakfast is open now! Everyone's welcome! But every day when I'm driving to pick up Wanda from her school I pass a park - big central park in heart of Helsinki, the one with the Olympic Stadium. And guess what - there are plenty of runners, joggers and bikers who seem not to care at all about the weather conditions. It's rainy - so they put some rain coats. It's cold - well, not so if you're running fast enough. It's dark - so what? You can turn a light on on your bike. And so I have to have the same attitude, cause I can not spend all days at home. My baby needs some fresh air and I need some movements. So we also enjoy the weather. The good news? Yes. I still keep smiling, no signs of winter depression. Another cup of coffee anyone? Candle included :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mother's moments

It is hard to be a mother of two. And now I'm not talking about taking care itself, cause with that I'm quite well so far. I mean my feelings and feelings of my daughter - this is what has changed since there is another baby at home. Obviously I'm all the time with our baby-boy - nursing or holding him. And for that reasons I can not cuddle Wanda at the same time. And I feel the little baby stays between us. He takes me from my daughter. I want to be as close as I always was with Wanda, but I can not anymore. I do my best, but it is difficult. And the other thing is Wanda now is much more into her father. Now everything is with daddy, daddy this, daddy that, I love you daddy etc. They really have their own world and I am not there. I'm with a baby. And of course it is a beautiful time and best feelings for him but I miss my little Wanda and how it was before the baby was born. It is strange I know. I have to adjust. I think Wanda doesn't feel like that. And maybe it is also this age for a little girl that she becomes daddy's little lady :) It is also so important for her development. So maybe I should be happy that she's not jealous because of having to share mommy's time with the baby, but she simply more and more enjoys her time with daddy. I think it is hardest for me to adjust and to learn my new role - being a mom of two and having my love for the two and sharing me and my time among them.