Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Only few days left. Only few more times I will travel by metro to Myllypuro. Only few nights in this apartment. We are packing. We are moving. Not far though. Only to Espoo. But still feels like a big thing. It's been a long time in here and so I got used to this place. It has some pros and some cons and because of those cons we are moving. But I don't know Espoo at all. To me it was always just a huge suburban neighborhood. Houses  surrounded by forests and highways. Our new place is exactly such. Brand new so we can expect being also surrounded by construction site. But the apartment is nice and comfortable and right behind the house is located big Angry Birds playground.
When you move apartments you have to do certain paper works, like inform about changing the address. Here it is just a piece of cake. You can do it online, service is in English of course, you login via your bank account and you change your data. The new address goes to the post office and to the registration office and for one month without any additional costs all your mail will be forwarded to a new address and all the recipients will get the information about your new place. While registering you can add all the family members. Fast and easy. Actually this online system works for many official matters. You can submit your online application while applying for a place in a municipal day care, or while registering and paying for Finnish courses provided by one of the public adult education institutions or even to make a dental appointment although this last one I haven't check yet.

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